… ist Regisseur, studierte Kunstgeschichte, Theater und Film in Israel, Europa und den USA. Er ist Mitbegründer und künstlerischer Leiter des Labels toxic dreams, mit dem er seit 1998 mehr als zwanzig Eigenproduktionen realisierte (u.a. Kongs, Blondes, Tall Buildings; Die Milosevics; Meet the Composer; Titus Andronicus 1–3; De Lady in de Tutti Frutti Hat; Vanja). Er arbeitet außerdem mit anderen freien Gruppen und PerformerInnen in Europa.

Yosi Wanunu

Born 1964 in Acco/Israel


1990 B.A. Theatre Studies, Tel Aviv University
Art History, Tel Aviv University
1992 M.F.A. Theatre directing, Cuny, N.Y. USA


1984 Katakali dance, India
1986 Theatre directing, Bristol University, GB
1987 Mask work, Theatre du Soleil, Paris
1988 Butoh dance, Kasuo Ohno Studio, Japan
1989 Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark
1990 Objective drama project, J.Grotowski, Univ. of California-Irvine (UCI), USA
1994 Film Script; E. Kusturiza, Columbia University, N.Y.
1995 Director`s Laboratory, Lincoln Center, N.Y.


1988 – 90 Acting, Tel Aviv University
1992 Acting, Cuny, City University of NY
since 88 workshops continuously

Shows – Directings + Design

2007 Rerun De Lady…, Vienna
Sleep – Hotel version, toxic dreams at donaufestival Krems
Attack of the 50 feet woman, with Miki Malör, Kosmos, Vienna
Kongs, Blondes, Tall Buildings, toxic dreams at dietheater Künstlerhaus Vienna
2006 De Lady in de Tutti Frutti Hat, toxic dreams in dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna
Jabberwocky, toxic dreams in OK – Center for Contemporary Art, Linz
Realism or Vanya 1, toxic dreams in dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna,
Interior Design, Videofilm for Miki Malör
2005 PPP – Pretty Public Privacy, Bilderwerfer, MAK Vienna
The Author/DO! Text, toxic dreams, Vienna
Sleep/DO! Music, toxic dreams, Vienna
The Milosevics, HAU Zwei, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
Krupnik/DO! Film, toxic dreams, Vienna
2004 The Milosevics, Rerun, Vienna
Meet the Composer, toxic dreams, Vienna
Titus Andronicus 3, toxic dreams Vienna, Nov. 04
The Milosevics, Rerun, Vienna, Dec 04
2003 Intellectual Property or Mr. Lincoln Goes to Prater (Electronic Operetta, ORF Funkhaus, Vienna
PPP – Pretty Public Privacy, A Realtime Performance/Installation; Bilderwerfer; European Cultural Capital, Dom im Berg, Graz June 2003
The Milosevics; toxic dreams in dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Nov. 03
Soap & More, Bilderwerfer in dietheater Künstlerhaus, Nov. 03
Bloody Drops of Happness in Menagerie de Verre, Paris, Dez 03
2002 Bloody Drops of Happiness 1 (Mediaperformance; Funkhaus Vienna
Buster’s Headache, dietheater Konzerthaus Vienna
Hollyvoodoo, dasT.A.T.R., LOT Theater Braunschweig
Titus Andronicus 2, toxic dreams + Bilderwerfer, dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna
Bloody Drops of Happiness/Final Version, Tanzquartier Wien
2001 Dolly in Wonderland, toxic dreams + das T.A.T.R. in dietheater Konzerthaus,Vienna and LOT Theater, Braunschweig
Please try to speak English, Motherboard, Oslo/Norway
Hollyvoodoo 1, dasT.A.T.R. Braunschweig/Germany
Penguins, Lobsters & The Lack of Romance, Vienna, Valencia/Venecuela
Back 2 Private, La Mama Etc., New York
Titus Andronicus 1, toxic dreams + Bilderwerfer,dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2000 Pawlow’s Party – Limited Fun, das T.A.T.R. in LOT Braunschweig, Germany
Chat in Progress, Bilderwerfer, Kabelwerk Vienna and Berlin
Zonen II, Off-Balance, Int. Artfestival Marburg,
Elevator Symphony, toxic dreams + Fuckhead; Café Carina, Vienna + touring
Be Right Back – A Chat Installation, Bilderwerfer, Babenbergerpassage, Vienna
Angel Remedies, by Foreman/Wanunu, toxic dreams in dietheater
Konzerthaus, Vienna
1999 The American Princess, by Nissim Aloni, toxic dreams in dietheater
Konzerthaus, Vienna
Tea With Gertrude and Alice – work in progress about Gertrude Stein
and Modern Art, toxic dreams in dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna
King/Queen ™, Bilderwerfer in Theater des Augenblicks, Vienna and Weimar
Zonen, A 40 hours installation, Kabelwerk, Vienna
Speed, toxic dreams in Kabelwerk Vienna
1998 What Did He See?, by R. Foreman, toxic dreams in dietheater Konzerthaus,Vienna
Three Sides of the World, Dialogue Ouvert inTheater des Augenblicks, Vienna
1997 Time – a long-term work in progress on the phenomenon of time, TOI Haus – Theater am Mirabellplatz, Sbg./Austria
Foundation member of toxic dreams, Vienna
1996 A Director`s Manual, JAM at Blue Print Series-Festival in Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, NYC
Cheap Talk With…, NY-Intro Graz Spection (Festival) and in Salzburg
1995 Visa V., JAM in Here, NYC
1993 The Seven Beggars, La Mama ETC, NYC
Won`t You Take Me To…, JAM Music Theatre in Ohio Theatre, NYC
1992 Leonce And Lena, by Büchner, JAM Music Theatre in BCBC, NYC
The Book Of Love, JAM in Ohio Theatre, NYC
1991 Shooting Rats, by Turrini, Gershwin Theatre, BCBC, NYC
Ha Dibuk, The Jewish Centre, NYC
Woyzeck, by Büchner, Fringe-Festival of Jaffa/Tel Aviv
1981–90 Director of Z.H.L., The Other Stage, The Mix Theatre, Habima-Martef – several plays by Shakespeare, Molière, Ionesco, Jarry, Strindberg a.o., Israel

Video Installations

2006 Jabberwocky (new Version), OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, June 06
2005 Jabberwocky (new Version) , Avanto Festival, Kiasma Museum Helsinki, Nov 05
2004 Jabberwocky, toxic dreams in Dschungel Vienna, Jan 05
2002 Dance is Evil, Video is Good, Brick 5, Vienna
1993 Nothing Outside My Window – 24 Hours In The Life Of A City, NYC – schools
1992 Meet Me In Another Life, Cooper Union, NYC
1991 You Love Me, You Don’t, Cooper Union, NYC

Other Theatre Credits

Assistant director with:
Yuri Lubimov – The Good Soul of Sezuan, by Brecht, Ber Seva Theatre, Israel
Yuri Lubimo – The Songs of Wladimir Wisozki, Taganka Theatre, Russia
Andrzej Wajda – Ha Dibuk, Habima, Tel Aviv
Richard Foreman – Permanent Brain Damage, Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, NY

Other Experiences

1984–89 Night Editor for Yadiot Haheronot (Daily Newspaper Israel)
Music Critic for Al Hamismar (Daily Newspaper Israel)
1992–95 Company Manager of Nice Movers (Relocation Company), NYC
since 2000 Father of Jonas Ferdinand