15. – 20. September 2016

BOOK & THEORY TALK 17.9.2016, 1pm
free entry

Collective Improvisation – From Theatre to Film and Beyond by Sonja Vilč
Sonja Vilčs “Talkshow” about her book and research as well as personal experiences on this matter.
With Sonja Vilčs, Beatrix Brunschko and Per Gottfredsson

Can Robots improvise? by Gunter Lösel
The idea of improvising robots might seem a strange subject for a festival on improvisational theatre, a bit of a joke, but I am quite serious about it. I actually do not think, improvisers should be replaced by robots to make a better theatre. This talk is a mental experiment as a way of gaining knowledge: If we can simulate the process of improvisation in a computer or robot, we might find out something about the brain activity underlying improvisation. So the question really is: If we could construct improvising robots, what would this teach us about the cognitve process of improvisation in humans?To my own surprise I did find two pieces of research that deal with the topic of how improvisation could be translated into algorithms, thus creating virtual improvising agents and even robots. In the talk I will describe these contributions and discuss them. I will then present my own model of how improvisation could be seen as a multiple-agent-system that will produce infinite patterns of interaction.
With Gunter Lösel and the Festival Ensemble