MOMENT! Improv-Workshop


with Per Gottfredsson (SE)

Mon 19th of September 2016, 3pm – 6pm

In this workshop you are going to work on tools that will help you find the scene´s full potential. You are going to examine how you can stay connected with our fellow improviser on stage. How you can create an electric charge between the characters that will help you stay in your body and play the situation. You will work on multi-layered dialogues where you (while you play the situation) also examine the history the characters have together and the character’s dreams and whishes. You will work on how you can use the stage to make the scene more interesting.

Workshop Fee 50 Euro
Duration 3 hours
Location LYMA – Learning for Life, Loquaiplatz 12/1, 1060 Vienna

1. Fill out the application form. Don’f forget to sign it!
2. eMail it to “
3. After we have recieved your form, your spot is reserverd and you’ll get the request for payment.
4. After the amount is payed your spot is fixed and you’ll get a confirmation mail.

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